Many want to make major plays, walk in the blessing of God for their life and win big; however, they have no idea where to begin or they need winning strategies to help them go from where they are to where they say they want to be.  That’s where Kimberly D comes in. Her dynamic keynotes, workshops, coaching and strategic programing gives her audience and partners essential tools to turn their desires into a living vision with a practical action plan. Here’s more about Kimberly D and how you can partner with her now.

About Kimberly D.


Kimberly D. Hart, The Winning Strategist, is known for her quest to help women and men live a life full of purpose and power.  She invokes a consciousness of unlimited possibilities into the hearts of her listeners that transforms their everyday life.  After living many years in confusion, frustration, fear and obscurity, Kimberly D found the courage to address her issues so that she could begin to win from within.  


She declares,


“Mediocrity didn’t fit, envy wasn’t my kind, depression blocked my view and regret simply wasn’t worth living for.  So I no longer play small to accommodate the insecurities of others, but I inspire others to play and win big with me, Kimberly D.”


Not only did Kimberly D discover the courage to rise up and stop playing dead, but she also found a passion for helping others live their best life.    


She is the founder of the Daughters of Legacy Network and Queens 2 Bee Mentoring and Development Program.  These two organizations provide personal, business and leadership development to women and young ladies that are highly motivated to succeed.  


For more than 13 years now, Kimberly D has supported the Federal Aviation Administration as the Corporate Learning and Development liaison for the Air Traffic Organization.  She manages the planning, implementation, rating and selection process for the Program for Emerging Leaders, Federal Executive Institute, Senior Leadership Development Program and Executive Potential Program on behalf of the ATO’s 45,000 employees and managers.  


With over fifteen years of ministry, consulting, and speaking at conferences, churches, corporate events and retreats, Kimberly D applies her MBA knowledge from the University of Maryland to the ongoing expansion of her coaching and training firm.  Here Kimberly D provides her clients with a systematic approach to discovering their purpose, unleashing their power, and generating the profits they need to create the winning life they desire.  


And finally, amidst of all of her accomplishments, Kimberly D is most proud of the life and love that she shares with her  mighty men of God, her incredibly brilliant son Durell, and extraordinary “Son Son” Jaxon.  Seeing the work and love of God grow in these two and her entire family makes Winning Her Only Option!  

Book Kimberly D.

When Kimberly D. takes the stage the audience is challenged to see themselves in light of their possibility and not their circumstance.  Her thought provoking presentations leaves them touched, moved, and inspired with a commitment to “I CAN” and “I WILL”.  Described as powerful, inspiring, anointed, and motivational, she transforms her audience into bold, audacious winners.  Kimberly D is most requested for ministry events, corporate success meetings, women conferences and retreats, association events, and motivational/inspirational speaking events.  While Kimberly can customize her presentations to accommodate your specific needs, here are some of her most popular topics.



Living in your purpose is not about staying in your lane as much as it is about dominating the path that was customized for your life. Bringing your uniqueness to forefront of your personal and professional life is just the beginning. Kimberly shares humorous examples as metaphors to challenges her audience to get the C3: Clear, Confidence, and Confirmation on their magnificent purpose for being here.


Some of her most insightful topics are:  DEFINING You, Cinderella’s Glass Slipper, Winning From Within, and Mirror! Mirror!  




No matter what life has presented to you, you have the power to come through it with the victory.  Knowing and understanding who you are and whose you are gives you the confidence you need to play and win big.  In these power packed sessions, Kimberly D shows her audience how to cut through the excuses, and let go of debilitating mindsets that leaves them feeling powerless instead of powerful.


Some of her most explosive topics are:  Play and Win Big, Permission To Win, Living The Dream, The Power Is In You, Give Me My Storm, and Winning Is The New Norm




Many believe that entrepreneurs are a rare breed, people who were born to have their own business.  Well, whether you own your own business or not you are entitled to multiple streams of income. Kimberly D has a unique way of showing her audience how to put a demand on their potential and leverage the activities they enjoy every day or those they desire to do more of, to increase their profitability and way of life.


Some of her most requested topics are:  Get In The Game, The Big Payback, WURK IT!, What’s In Your Hand?, and Back To The Garden

Work with Kimberly D.


Are you ready to gain clarity on your Pupose, Power Zone, Profitability and the #1 problem that you were born to solve? Are you ready to truly learn how to build, grow and thrive in your everyday life and business?  Then let me help you create a step-by-step plan that will manifest the winning life you desire and accelerate your profit potential.


I know the importance of having vision and focus for your life and business. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and ministers serving others was simply a way of life.  I poured everything I had into making sure everyone else had what they needed until the bank accounts were low, key opportunities were missed, and I was left alone, empty, unfulfilled, and weighted down with shame.  Inside I knew that I had given from the heart, but everything else confirmed that I needed some OPP:  Order, Priorities, and a Plan for growing while being the blessing I was created to be.  I watched carefully as every familiar place around me came tumbling down.   I sought God for understanding and direction and through his grace I received the Clarity, Confidence and Confirmation I needed to turn this sinking ship around.  I learned how to value the gift God had given me, live fearless, share unapologetically, serve from my overflow, and turn my pain and passions into profits.


Last year that was me; today it’s your turn to live unapologetically in your purpose, utilizing every gifts and talent God has given you, and turning your past pains and passions into bountiful blessing for you and your future generations.   The world is waiting on you to shine forth.   With a simple click below you too can discover what winning looks like for you and get the winning strategies you need play and win big in every area of your life right now!